Norway’s official innovation cluster on smarter cities and communities drives societal change and business development across sectors and borders.

A hub for year-round activities, the Smart City Innovation Cluster has academic institutions, start-ups, international corporations and public sector players on its member list. This cross-sector collaboration drives innovation, business development and societal improvements. Working in concert, the cluster connects municipalities with the vendor side, and vice-versa.

Contact person: Trygve Meier, Head of Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is a cluster with more than 220 members. Most of the members are companies, but the cluster also has municipalities/government institutions as participants in the cluster.

Changing demographics and new demands from users creates a need for change in how we think, plan and deliver healthcare. In this new reality, it is all about the user experience and not who provides the service. How can new technology contribute to maintaining and developing the Nordic welfare model, and create a seamless healthcare system with sustainable services?​

Contact person: Arild Kristensen, CEO

NCE Maritime CleanTech (NCE MCT) represents one of the world’s most complete maritime commercial hubs. The cluster organisation uses the Norwegian maritime expertise, built up over generations, as a springboard for the development of new energy-efficient and environmental friendly technologies. It focuses on establishing sustainable innovation projects with commercial potential, and work together for new clean maritime solutions.

Contact person: Hege Økland, CEO

Norwegian Energy Solutions is an energy cluster with the overarching purpose of leading the transition to low emission energy solutions by:

  • developing renwable and sustainable energy solutions
  • improving existing energy solutions

The membership group embraces a wide range of companies, operators, suppliers, start-ups, investors, academia and authorities. The broad range of members covers the complete value chain for oil and gas and places the cluster in a unique position. The cluster works on the transition for companies also to succeed in new value chains. Collaboration across the segments and the member companies will foster an environment for innovation and technology developments.

Contact person: Egil Aanestad, CEO

Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster is aiming to be the strongest supply chain for floating offshore wind world wide. Norway have a very strong petro-maritime supply chain, well fit to take, and hold this position. Companies like Equinor, Aker Solutions and Kværner are in the forefront already, as a number of other Norwegian based companies. Membership is open for any type of company or organization, international as well.

In November 2018, Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster was awarded the position as a ARENA Cluster, through Norwegian Innovation Clusters.

Contact person: Arvid Nesse, Cluster Manager