2030 Digital Compass: Your Digital Decade

Where? Online

When? January 13, 2022 12:30 pm

Price? Free

“The event will be a chance to dive into Multi-Country Projects (MCPs), a centrepiece of the Path to the Digital Decade policy proposal.

In detail, the event will feature:

1) An overview of Multi-Country Projects (MCPs) – large-scale projects designed to contribute to Europe’s achievement of the digital decade objectives. We will discuss how they are identified, set up and implemented, as well as what are the roles of Member States and the Commission respectively in this implementation.

2) A dive into 3 key areas for MCPs, namely:

A. Genomics – with an incredible potential to revolutionize healthcare and provide new impactful research. We will discuss multi-country projects in this area, from the 1+ Million Genomes initiative, bringing together 22 Member States and several third countries to have at least 1 million sequenced human genomes accessible via a federated network, and The Genome of Europe, a multi-country project bringing together EU countries to build a high-quality European network of national genomic reference cohorts, representative of the European population.  

B. Data infrastructures and services – in particular, the High Impact Project on European Data Spaces and federated cloud infrastructures and services, which aims to provide an integrated strategy for European investments in the data economy. We will discuss the vehicles used for the implementation of this particular MCP.

C.Blockchain – more specifically the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI), which aims to unlock the potential value of blockchain, in particular for public services. This technology can drastically change and improve how information is shared and transactions are carried out online. We will discuss the need for and added value of this MCP.

For more information on Multi-Country Projects and the areas described above, our speakers have prepared a background note in view of the webinar, that you can find attached at the end of this event page.

Make sure to ask your questions throughout the course of the webinar by writing a comment under the discussion forum, so that it is visible to all members. Our organisers will read them aloud and address them to the relevant speaker during the Q&A time. 

Best wishes for the winter holidays and we hope to see you next year!

The Digital Decade Community Team”