HIGH WIND 2023 Excursion day to Wind Works Jelsa

Where? Rygerelektra. Departure from Skagenkaien 35-37, 4006 Stavanger

When? March 15, 2023 8:30 am

Price? 1000kr

“Visit one of the largest facilities in Europe for assembly of high wind systems. Join us for a trip into the Norwegian fjord landscape on the world’s first electrical fast passenger boat, the EV Rygerelektra. The destination is Berakvam and Jelsa, and what can become a world-leading building- and assembly site for floating offshore wind systems.

This new industry segment requires sites large enough for building and assembling huge energy systems. Berakvam, with its deep fjords and what currently is the largest rock quarry in Europe, is a unique place for developing a suitable facility for the offshore wind industry.

Studies confirm that Wind Works Jelsa can become one of the largest facilities in Europe for foundation-building and assembly of floating wind systems, a one-stop shop prior to tow out and final hook up.

High Wind 2023 offers its participants this unique opportunity to learn more about the project and to visit the site”

Deadline registration: 9th of March 12.00