Open Café Online: Horisont Europa-klynge 4 – Digital Industry and Space

Where? Online

When? January 28, 2022

Bli med på Forskningsrådets «Open Café» hver fjerde fredag i hver måned!

Horizon Europe Cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space work programme supports investments that shape technologies and solutions for European industry and society in a global context. More information about the Horizon Europe Cluster 4 work programme is available here.

The Research Council of Norway welcome researchers, SMEs, Industries, Project Coordinators and applicants preparing proposals. There will be a special focus on proposals to be submitted targeting the Horizon Europe Cluster 4 Work Programme 2021-2022. We kindly invite people that participate in Horizon projects and as EC evaluators to share their experience.

The Open Café Online is a tool/technique/concept that is purely about informal dialogue. The purpose is to create an arena where participants are willing to share questions, challenges, ideas and discuss them within a group.

In Norway, Cluster 4 team is composed by National Contact Points (NCPs). The NCP team uses the open café as an arena for dialogue with potential applicants, share experiences and solve questions at hand. The content of the open café is driven by participants.