Where? ERRIN Brussels

When? November 17, 2023 10:30 am

In November 2021, ERA Hubs initiative was introduced as Action 15 of the ERA Policy Agenda 2022-2024, with the aim to strengthen research and innovation ecosystems at national and regional level while looking both at multi-level governance and multi-stakeholder engagement. A call for proposals was subsequently organised under Horizon Europe programme between January and April 2022 to test and pilot the ERA Hubs concept with a limited number of ecosystems through implementation in countries and regions where knowledge ecosystem structures aligned to the ERA Hubs concept already exist, combined with countries or regions where an integrated place-based approach is missing. Two projects led by ERRIN member stakeholders were selected for funding from among 120 applicants and kicked off at the end of 2022: COOPERATE, guided by Eindhoven University of Technology, and ERA_FABRIC, coordinated by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory – Emilia-Romagna.

While the ERA Hubs action is currently on hold in the ERA Forum, this Policy WG meeting will offer a chance to explore the work done so far in the two piloting projects, gain insights into ongoing reflections, engage in interactive discussion and learn about upcoming opportunities for regions. ERRIN remains a strong advocate for ERA Hubs and their rollout, also as they could potentially serve as foundation and point of reference for supporting more thematic ecosystem approaches that gain increasing attention, such as Hydrogen Valleys or Renewable Energy Valleys. The event will take place in person at the ERRIN premises on 17 November from 10:30-12:00, with welcome coffee from 10:00.

Following up on the September Policy WG meeting on ERA Policy Agenda going forward, this event may also feature a reflection on other current and proposed ERA Actions for 2025-2027 and related developments (TBC).

In order to attend the event, please register by Wednesday 15 November by pressing the “Register” button on this page. Please note that you need to be logged in to register, and that due to its character and limited room capacity, this meeting is not open for trainees.

You may find the draft agenda attached.