Radical Health Festival 2024

Where? Helsinki

When? May 22, 2024

At the heart of digital transformation. Meet the top players at Radical Health Festival Helsinki.

Healthcare is a puzzle where every stakeholder needs to play its part. To support each and everyone of them, Radical Health Festival Helsinki is assembling a different kind of puzzle where renowned content contributors offer their areas of expertise and networks of global experts for the benefit of all. 25+ partners have already joined the movement including the European Society of Cardiology, SITRA, CHiME, Frontiers, H-ISAC, TEHDAS, COCIR, IANPHI, EHTEL, the Reference Sites Collaborative Network to name a few.

This network of knowledge also guarantees that we gather the entire European health innovation ecosystem under one roof: policy-making authorities, public health agencies, patients and patient organisations, hospitals and health systems, pharma and medtech groups, public and private insurers, major IT vendors as well as startups and entrepreneurs, clinicians and health professionals, investors, academics, and more.