Where? Madrid

When? October 18, 2023

The Semantic Interoperability Conference of 2023 will take place in beautiful Madrid on 18 October.

This year’s SEMIC conference is organised in collaboration with the Spanish Presidency of the European Council and revolves around ‘Interoperable Europe in the age of AI’.  

By bringing together distinguished speakers, SEMIC2023🎇 will present concrete use cases and success stories on how public sector interoperability and AI can benefit each other.  

The development of AI continues its journey through uncharted territory, with new groundbreaking applications just around the corner. The current generation of machine learning techniques allows to automate certain tasks to make data more semantically meaningful to both humans and machines. At the same time, semantics can also be a steppingstone towards more accurate and ethical AI. However, investing in semantics has always been an obstacle due to the required level of expert intervention and niche technologies. The conference will demonstrate how both fields can leverage on one another and can be applied jointly to foster public sector interoperability. 

Other sessions will revolve around data spaces, digital governance and data quality assurance, as well as upcoming challenges related to generative and general-purpose AI, law as code and many other topics. Furthermore, insights on the state of play of the Interoperable Europe Act Commission proposal will be given. 

Please find more information here.