SOILdarity Workshop

Where? Brussels

When? January 17, 2023 9:30 am

“SOILdarity is a H2020 twinning project aiming to boost the capacities of researchers in soil and agricultural sciences to deliver impact to society at large. The project is currently building up new opportunities for collaborations in research and innovation activities to deliver concrete results that can be adopted at territorial level to maintain or restore soil health in the regional food production systems. The project shares the objectives of the European Green Deal and sustains the momentum of the Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe””

“One of our main goals [with the workshop] is to map what has already been done in Portugal and Europe, which challenges need to be addressed, which successful practices and methodologies can be transferred from more mature living lab experiences to Alentejo, discuss opportunities for funding and for collaboration with European partners which are part of the SOILdarity network. This interaction will provide key insights on common understandings, problems and difficulties that living labs are facing in the development process. Hence, we want to debate possible solutions to make this initiative sustainable in the long term.”