Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference 2024

Where? Dublin

When? April 15, 2024

TRA 2024

In April 2024, Dublin will be hosting the 10th biennial Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference. For all mobility professionals eager to exchange their knowledge, be inspired by peers, and discover what is changing in the world of transport, the TRA Conference is the place to be!

The TRA Conference is Europe’s premier research and technology conference on transport and mobility. It unites academics, policymakers, industry leaders, transport users, and other mobility stakeholders from across the region for four days of action-packed discussions, presentations, and peer exchanges.

What to expect from #TRA2024

This four-day event will feature many enlightening discussions about key mobility challenges and the innovative solutions being developed. Each session will be packed full of expert speakers, who will delve into the four central themes of the conference. These are:

  1. Safe & Inclusive Transport
  2. Sustainable Mobility of People and Goods
  3. Efficient & Resilient Systems
  4. Collaborative Digitalization

Every TRA Conference is joined by attendees from all over Europe. Based on past turnout rates, you can expect to meet as many as 3,000 other attendees from 60 countries and listen in on more than 100 sessions!

Conference details

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