23 January 2023

ECIU – the future of Universites?

The European consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), of which the University of Stavanger takes part, was in July 2022 granted the EU Erasmus programme support to continue develop and building the ECIU university.

At ECIU University students, teachers, and researchers collaborate with cities and businesses to find innovative ways to solve real challenges that will have positives effects on society – across Europe. ECIU University wants to change the way off offering education from being degree-based to challenged -based.

“UiS views ECIU University as a tool to being at the forefront of education and to be connected to European developments in education. Through partnership in the ECIU University we also get access to a larger academic community, which can fast-track network development and strengthen our EU research proposals.” According to Bjarte Hoem, ECIU local coordinator and ECIU University ambassador at UiS, when asked how participation in ECIU benefits UiS.

The ECIU University alliance was granted 14,4 million euro for the continuation of developing the activities and upscaling them during the next four years. The next step of ECIU University will strengthen the development of three key concepts in higher education: flexible learning pathways, micro-credentials, and the challenge-based approach.

“With new support from the EU, we will further develop the solutions we have piloted in the first round with an emphasis on flexible, challenge-based education for degree students and people in working life. The main goal will at first be to achieve our ambitions in relation to engaging as many participants as possible.” says Hoem.

The next phase started in November 2022, and the ECIU University will continue to be built by 13 ECIU member universities.