4 March 2024

Stavanger-Brussels Summit: Forging Energy Partnerships

On the 13th and 14th of February, we organized the Stavanger-Brussels Summit in Brussels, in collaboration with the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

Ambassador Anders Eide inaugurated the conference, setting the tone for an enlightening exchange. We heard from Harald Minge and Mayor Sissel Knutsen Hegdal about the Stavanger Region’s role as an “energy capital.”

Insights from Key Speakers:

“70 percent of the laws and regulations our businesses must adhere to in the future come from Brussels. Therefore, we decided to organize the business community’s Brussels days, in collaboration with our EU office,” Minge explained.

Harald Minge, CEO of the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

“It’s important to understand how the EU thinks about future framework conditions and opportunities. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to talk about the massive energy transformation happening in Norway and the Stavanger region – whether it’s offshore wind, carbon capture and storage, or hydrogen,” Minge added.

Exploring Future Scenarios:

Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, delved into Europe’s future with wind resources, while Oda Helen Sletnes shed light on Norway’s participation in the EU. Brendan Devlin from DG Energy explored “What Role Will Norway Play in Shaping Europe’s Future Energy Supply?”

Giles Dicson, CEO of Wind Europe

Lieutenant General Hans-Werner Wiermann from NATO provided insights into the critical undersea infrastructure in the North Sea. The day concluded with illuminating company pitches from Equinor, Lyse, and Northern Lights JV, showcasing innovative solutions for energy stability and technology.

Runa Monstad and General Hans-Werner Wiermann

Deepening Dialogues on Day 2:

Day 2 sustained the momentum with in-depth discussions, conducted in Norwegian, covering topics ranging from energy security to the geopolitical dynamics involving the EU, NATO, and Norway. We were privileged to host distinguished speakers from the Norges delegasjon til EU, NHO Brussel, EFTA Surveillance Authority, and Statnett SF, enriching the dialogue with their expertise and perspectives.

Among the 40 companies traveling from Stavanger, you found many large corporations such as Equinor, Shell, ConocoPhillips, and Pgnig, as well as Lyse, Norled, UiS, and Norce.

The participants at the Stavanger-Brussels Summit

Perspectives from Stavanger Region:

Runa Monstad, the Director of the Stavanger Region Office, echoes Minges reflection regarding the importance of keeping up with the EU.

“In an era where the EU is generating laws, regulations, and project opportunities at an unprecedented rate, understanding the dynamics within the Brussels bubble is increasingly crucial,” says Monstad.

“Simultaneously, we’re delighted that stakeholders from the Stavanger region have the chance to engage with key figures in Europe and important Norwegian representatives in Brussels. We aspire for this trip to Brussels to forge a solid groundwork for knowledge exchange, business ventures, and collaborative projects between the Stavanger region and Europe,” she adds.

Runa Monstad, director of the Stavanger Region European Office

Monstad is also clear about the fact that our region has a lot to offer to Europe as well.

“We are ahead in sectors like in healthcare, maritime, and much more. The expertise and innovative spirit we possess make us an attractive partner. The EU can learn from our solutions, and the Stavanger Region can benefit from all the exciting initiatives happening on the continent.

“Moreover, the region boasts vast knowledge and expertise accumulated over more than 50 years as a leading oil and gas hub. Much of this expertise is pivotal in transitioning to a greener Europe. Combined with an innovative business sector that dares to invest in green solutions such as hydrogen/ammonia, offshore wind, and carbon capture, we become an exceedingly attractive collaborator for the EU. The EU’s steadfast commitment to achieving ambitious climate goals by 2030, 2040, and 2050 aligns seamlessly with our capabilities and ambitions,” Monstad underscores.