31 January 2023

Let the work begin! Stavanger takes up the challenge to become carbon neutral by 2030

A total of 377 cities applied to become one of the 112 climate-neutral cities under the EU’s City Mission. Stavanger municipality was early onboard, and a cross-party majority has worked strategically towards the city mission.

It was a great pleasure to share the inclusion of Stavanger by the end of April 2022.

Gerd Seehuus, Coordinator Mission Cities, Horizon Europe, at the City of Stavanger, presenting Stavanger’s work

The road ahead

There is no doubt that a massive and demanding job lies ahead of us. However, Deputy Mayor SunnanĂĄ Hausken is optimistic:

– There is no doubt that this will demand a lot from all of us. Both from us politicians, the administration, and the rest of society. But if we manage to get the best out of each other and cooperate effectively, there are almost no limits to what we can achieve, she said upon the election of Stavanger. 

Working hard on the climate contract

The EU has drawn up an implementation plan, which Stavanger will break down into local action and financing plans. Various stakeholders in Stavanger are working together, and we are excited to see what 2023 holds for the city mission!



Malin Vikne Henden