1 October 2012

The Stavanger Region participates in Open Days 2012


The Stavanger Region is co-hosting a seminar in Brussel on 10 October during Open Days -European 
Week of Regions and Cities.

Open Days is one week of seminars with a regional focus organised by the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. This year’s Open Days will take place between the 8 and 11 of October. 33 countries, 169 regions and 92 cities will participate. The Stavanger Region is one of seven Norwegian actors partaking in this year’s Open Days. It is the fifth time that our region co-organises seminars.

The seminar Contributing to rural-urban bonds in peri-urban regions is organized by the Stavanger Region in collaboration with Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque (FR), Frankfurt Metropole Region (DE), Nord-Pasde-Calais (FR), Randstad (NL), South-Moravia (CZ), Stuttgart (DE), Surrey County
Council (UK), Elche (ES) and Flanders (BE) as the lead coordinator.The aim of the seminar is to create a forum for debate on the challenges and opportunities found inperi-urban regions. The main focus will be on evaluating methods for developing regions where urban and rural areas meet. Additionally, the workshop aims to develop new strategies which incorporates the collective knowledge/expertise found at the European Union level, in the individual regions as well as within the PURPLE network (Peri- Urban Regions Platform Europe).

More information can be found here