19 October 2012

The University of Stavanger becomes member of exclusive network of excellence


The University of Stavanger has been appointed member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).

The University of Stavanger is the 11th member of this prestigious network of European universities. The ECIU consists of international minded, creative and research oriented universities that have played an important part in the development, innovation and growth processes in their respective regions. Only one university from each european country can become a member of ECIU. Hence, the University of Stavanger is the first and only Norwegian university to join.

Membership of ECIU is expected to have several positive implications for the University of Stavanger. Teaching staff will benefit from the opportunity to exchange best practices regarding teaching methods. Additionally, ECIU membership provides students and researchers with new opportunities for exchanges. Companies in the region will also profit, both in terms of easy access to international research and from being able to recruit high level graduates from the ECIU partner universities.

More information about ECIU can be found here.

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