Accelerating Carbon Neutrality

The AI4Cities is an EU-project that is using artificial intelligence (AI) to make Europe’s cities more sustainable. Stavanger, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Greater Paris, and Tallinn are going through a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) to find solutions to make their mobility and energy domains more carbon neutral.
In the EU-funded project, the cities will challenge the business community to develop and test new solutions for mobility and energy, based on AI, which can contribute to significant cuts in greenhouse gases by 2030. A total of NOK 47 million will be distributed between the selected suppliers in during the project.
AI4Cities gives Stavanger a new dimension to the work of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If Stavanger is to become carbon neutral, we need support from the business community and extensive, interdisciplinary cooperation with other countries. The project has now selected over 41 suppliers of AI to work with innovative ideas and solutions to our common climate challenges.
Several of Europe’s most innovative cities are collaborating with Stavanger in this project. It gives companies the opportunity to compete for both development support and valuable exposure. It will also provide exciting opportunities and access to an international market for green technology.
Cities and regions have an important role in dealing with climate challenges. AI4Cities shows leadership and willingness to harness the power of pre-commercial procurement to strengthen the work on innovation, AI and sustainability in Europe.