Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation Systems

Together with 6 European project partners, Gjesdal municipality received approval for a Horizon 2020 application for public procurement of driverless minibuses in 2017. The project is called FABULOS, and through a so-called pre-commercial procurement process, the project partners will purchase, demonstrate, and integrate driverless minibuses into the public transport system.

The project partners have acquired valuable knowledge and experience on how best to integrate this type of vehicle into the public transport system, which in turn will result in better services and lower costs for the municipalities. When the project is completed, the lessons learned from the project will make future purchases of driverless minibuses easier.

The project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki. In addition to Gjesdal municipality, the project consortium consists of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (FI), Estonia’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (EE), Porto’s transport collective STCP (PT) and the municipalities of Lama (EL) and Helmond (NL).

FABULOSs financial framework was 7.7 million euros, and did run over three years. The project ended in 2021.

Video: https://youtu.be/PASAZFW1MyA