Mission Cities 2030

112 Climate-neutral and Smart Cities



In 2022, 377 European Cities applied to become one of the 100 selected cities under the Horizon Europe #MissionCities call for climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030.

A total of 112 cities, including those from associated countries, were trusted with the task, including Stavanger.

The Mission On Cities is one of five EU missions under Horizon Europe. The idea behind the mission concept is to find new, European solutions to global challenges of our time.

Direcctor for urban environment and planning in the municipality of Stavanger, Leidulf Skjørestad, underlines that this is a significant transitional process, which will require broad societal involvement.

– The municipality takes on a coordinating role, inviting all stakeholders along in a process involving business, citizens, organisations, academia and others to find the solutions for an operational society within the framework of the sustainability goals, he says to stavanger.kommune.no

Climate-neutral by 2030

Selected cities will work together to reach climate neutrality by 2030, receiving dedicated support from the Mission Platform, NetZeroCities.

These cities will act as experimentation and innovation hubs to support all European cities in becoming climate-neutral by 2050.

The Stavanger Region European Office is leading the ERRIN Working Group on Smart Cities, along with the regions of Turku, Northern Netherlands and Eindhoven. An important task for the WG is to identify relevant calls, such as the one on #MissionCities, and to help pariticpating regions and cities to prepare and position themselves for the optimal application process.


Vår rolle

Coordinator Mission Cities Stavanger Gerd Seehus gerd.seehuus@stavanger.kommune.no