19 January 2023

An innovative and greener tomorrow with Innoasis

Norway’s new hub for urban innovation, Innoasis, opened its doors on the 24th of October 2022 in the heart of Stavanger.

It all started as a vision from our partners Smedvig, Lyse, Sparebank 1 SR-Bank, Microsoft and the City of Stavanger, to create a meeting place for the people, programmes and activities enabling a smarter and greener tomorrow.

For the last couple of years, Nordic Edge has been working on making this a reality. We have created a toolbox for developing and scaling solutions for smarter and greener cities. This has resulted in programmes and activities related to talent recruitment, funding and capital, testing and piloting, and export to new markets, all of which will help our members grow.

The building itself was opened in 1978 as the office of the Norwegian petroleum directorate. What was once the home of one important Norwegian export industry, is now the home of Norway’s new export industry. The building is a rebuild, where Smedvig has kept the old steel and concrete, but filled it with carbon capturing wood, making it a great place to work. The furniture is bought second hand, and the desks are made of old wool and textile. Under the building we have six geothermal wells, and the roof consists of 388 square meters of solar panels. In other words, Innoasis as rebuild is a great example of how we must rethink ways to create sustainable buildings.

Innoasis is designed to create interaction between members, making it the place to be for entrepreneurial spirits, intrapreneurs, public sector heroes, investors, developers, and anyone else dreaming of a greener tomorrow. Here we give you 4000 square meters of space to exchange knowledge, collaborate and grow together. At Nordic Edge, we believe that we can achieve more together, and our coworking space and innovation hub is one of the tools to do this.

Video by James Froment