23 January 2023

Rogaland joins EU’s Climate Adaptation Mission

Rogaland has been selected to participate in the EU's Mission Climate Adaptation, a collaboration with 215 European regions and local communities aiming to develop resilient societies.

“We are proud to be selected to be part of the EU network for climate adaptation. Now we have the opportunity to become a European climate beacon that shows the way towards a climate-adapted society. This will provide further support and insistence for the implementation of the Regional Plan for Climate Adaptation , which priorities networking, knowledge development and innovation”, says County Mayor Marianne Chesak .

By participating in the network, Rogaland County Council declares its commitment to cooperate and coordinate our Regional Climate Adaptation Plan with the other participants, in order to achieve scale and impact in our common work on climate adaptation. In practice, this means that Rogaland becomes a prioritised region for knowledge development, experimentation and testing of new solutions. This will provide opportunities for both municipalities, knowledge institutions, civil society and business in the county.

Rogaland with participants in both EU climate missions

Earlier this year, Stavanger municipality was included in one of Europe’s 112 climate-neutral cities. This makes Rogaland the only Norwegian region that is participating in both the climate adaptation-mission and the city-mission. This gives us opportunities and resources to coordinate investments that contribute to both emission reductions and climate adaptation.

Coordination role in the region

Rogaland County Council has drawn up its own regional plan for climate adaptation, with an accompanying action program that sets guidelines for further work on climate adaptation. The climate adaptation plan provides ambitious goals for achieving a Rogaland community that is sustainable and well adapted to a changing climate.

– An important measure in the follow-up of the climate adaptation plan is to create a network for better cooperation and exchange of experience. As a County Council, we want to take a coordinating role in the climate work in Rogaland, where we want citizens, businesses, researchers, young people and other important social actors on the team. Together we can find good solutions for how our society can build resilience against a warmer, wetter and wilder climate, says Christine Haver, head of regional planning in Rogaland County Municipality.

Follow-up of the work with the climate adaptation plan is an important reason why Rogaland has been selected to participate in the EU network.

Photo by Øyvind Nesvåg. Depicting County Mayor Marianne Chesak (to the left) and head of regional planning in Rogaland County Municipality, Christine Haver (to the right).